foods associated with romance

Want to spice up your meals and (possibly) your love life? Try these "foods for romance."

There are many delicious foods that historically promote amorous feelings as well as feed the physical heart. Here are a few suggested "love foods" to add to your meals that are good for your heart and, possibly, your love life!

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Artichoke - This thorny vegetable is highest in heart-healthy antioxidants. Actually it has more antioxidants than any other food.

Asparagus - A famous vegetable in French literature, asparagus is packed with potassium, phosphorus, calcium and Vitamin E, a perfect combination for increased hormone production while providing a balanced mineral content to feed the heart.

Bananas - Some studies show its digestive enzyme bromelain helps to enhance male hormone production. Bananas are high in B vitamins and contain tryptophan, ensuring a calm evening and a restful night's sleep. Sometimes my recommendation for those who have hot flashes or insomnia is one medium-sized banana before bed time.

Basil - Haitian lore claims this herb comes from Erzulie, their goddess of love. It's good for the heart in that it fights inflammation and interferes with the growth of bacteria.

heart-healthy artichokesChiles - Spices like chili and cayenne are good to get the blood rushing, the heart pumping, the face flushing and the pores sweating.

Chocolate - This feel-good food contains both a sedative which relaxes and lowers inhibitions, and a stimulant to increase activity and focus. The Aztecs and Mayans were the first to recognize the potency of this food, celebrating the harvest with festivals and adding it to foods and sauces,like traditional mole. Valentine's Day is as good a time as any to indulge in chocolate, high in heart-healthy magnesium.

Rosemary - This herb is said to be intoxicating, and to play on humans' keen scent memory, our tie to emotional experiences. Some think it can ease "the blues," stimulate hair growth and improve circulation. This is definitely an herb to consistently incorporate in your cooking regimen.

Excerpt from VitaJournal, February 2011. By Christa Orecchio, Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Health Counselor

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June 7, 2014
If you're working on a list of "foods to avoid for romance", beans would be my first choice.
Joseph at
June 10, 2014
Good point, Matt. However, we can help you out with that. Just read the "How to Reduce Flatulence Associated with Beans" section on our How to Cook Beans page
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